Product Showcase: Panasonic Toughbook CF-31.

Product Showcase: Panasonic Toughbook CF-31.

Raw, fully-rugged power – meet the new flagship of the Toughbook family.

Desktop-level performance, mobility and full ruggedization rarely go together, but you’ll find all-three in the new Toughbook CF-31. The new flagship of the Toughbook line takes all that was good about the market-leading CF-30 and adds Intel’s new generation of Core i5 processors plus a range of performance features and enhancements. The Core i5 520M at its heart is a dual-core CPU clocked at 2.4GHz, which can reach the dizzy heights of 2.93 GHz thanks to Intel’s new Turbo Boost technology, and use Intel Hyper-Threading to run multiple apps at lightning speed.

What’s more, the high-end model incorporates a discrete ATi Radeon HD 5650 graphics chip with 512MB of dedicated RAM. This gives you high-performance 3D graphics when you need it, with the option to switch to Intel’s on-chip HD graphics when you need to conserve power. Add DDR3 SDRAM, and this killer combination makes the CF-31 twice as fast as the previous CF-30 in office applications, and up to seven times as fast in the most demanding visual applications.
Panasonic has made no compromises in achieving this performance. Working with high-end components inside a ruggedized chassis always raises one challenge: heat. The Toughbook CF-31 circumvents this with an elegant Hybrid Cooling System that ensures there are no heat spots, and that the CPU never needs to throttle down to keep temperatures under control. Combining active and passive systems, the Hybrid Cooling System is built to survive dust and sandblasts, or operate under water for more than an hour.

Nor is battery life adversely affected. In fact, thanks to Panasonic’s advanced battery and power management technology, the CF-31 can get up to 11.5 hours from a single three and a half hour charge. Most importantly, the CF-31 remains every inch a Toughbook. Rated to IP65 for protection from dust and water and tested to US Military Specification MiL810g, a revised chassis and new HDD damping and mounting systems make the CF-31 even tougher than the existing CF-30. Despite all this, the CF-31 is actually lighter than the old model, at a very manageable 3.72Kg.
Usability in all conditions has always been a Toughbook hallmark. Thanks to a bright 1,000cd/m2 13.1in LED backlit screen fitted with a circular polarizer, the CF-31 can be used even in direct sunlight. 802.11n, Bluetooth, 3G and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity come as standard, while WiMax can be factory configured. The CF-31 is also backwards compatible with docking stations and car-mounts, and batteries for the CF-30. Cutting-edge power demands a cutting-edge operating system, so the CF-31 ships with Windows 7 as standard.

In short, if you need the power to run cutting-edge applications in conditions where a regular laptop PC would not survive, then the new CF-31 is in a league of its own. Ultra-tough, speedy and effective, it’s the ultimate Toughbook for power users.