Panasonic unveils Toughbook CF-C1

Panasonic unveils Toughbook CF-C1: the lightest business-rugged convertible notebook with sleek looks and desktop performance

At only 1.47kg (with 4 cell battery), new member of Panasonic’s business-ruggedized notebook family is tailored to mobile workers with multiple data entry needs

Wiesbaden, Germany. 2 March 2010 – Panasonic today launched its new Toughbook CF-C1, a rugged yet lightweight business notebook that can be used in clamshell or tablet form. This makes it ideal for mobile workers like field healthcare staff, market researchers and others who need to enter data in different ways. Along with a hand-free ergonomic strap that enables users to enter information with one hand, the CF-C1 features, on a configuration base, a Multi-touch + Digitizer screen or a Multi-touch resistive screen that can be used even with gloves. The Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 is unusual in that the touchscreen works in clamshell as well as in tablet mode with no risk of breakage, as its toughened triple hinge keeps the screen rigid while the user is typing on it. Panasonic has specially designed the three-dimensional hinge to be very robust without adding significant weight to the device. The CF-C1 also offers users worry-free operation with up to 10 hours’ battery life with its twin hot swappable-battery.

Twin hot-swappable battery and hand-free ergonomic strap
The new Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 is especially well-suited to multi-taskers on the road with little opportunity to recharge their device. Its unique twin hot-swappable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation and allows users to exchange one while the unit is running. A Battery Charge Indicator shows the user the charge level at a glance and is always visible, even when the unit is turned off. With a single 4 cell battery installed, the unit is extremely light at just 1.47kg (and only 1.69kg with twin battery), and the moulded hand-free ergonomic strap lets users hold it easily with one hand while typing with the other. This makes the CF-C1 ideal for people who need to capture information in an environment where it may be difficult to put the unit down to type. Examples include researchers conducting point-of-sale customer surveys in a store, or nurses writing reports at a patient’s bedside. 

Top-flight performance and connectivity
In addition, Panasonic’s new convertible is equipped with the business performance Intel Core i5-520M vPro™ processor (2.4 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.93 GHz, Intel® Smart Cache 3MB), which offers excellent performance along with the vPro business features. As mobile workers are often operating in a stressful environment on tight deadlines, the CPU’s speed and low power consumption make their work easier as they can access key applications and process information more quickly.

“Panasonic´s new Convertible C1 Toughbook is a forceful notebook for professional users based on the new 2010 Intel® Core™ processors”, said Jörg E. Finger, Director Sales Operations – Multinational Customers bei der Intel GmbH. “In terms of processing power its Intel™ Core i5™ processor always adapts to the computing power needed. This adds to the new Toughbook´s efficiency during normal operation and makes no compromise on processing power.”

The Toughbook CF-C1 comes with 3G connectivity for the fast transmission of key data, which could be of crucial importance in a healthcare environment. This is because changes in a patient’s condition may require swift advice from a more senior healthcare specialist. With a view to complying with security and data protection mandates, many organisations – both in healthcare and in business – do not want to store confidential data on a mobile device. This makes it essential for mobile workers to transmit information from the input device to a centralised server as quickly and efficiently as possible. To support this, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 provides embedded 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® 2.1 connectivity as well as 3G.

“The new convertible Toughbook CF-C1 is a business-ruggedized solution designed for the modern mobile workforce” said Stephen Yeo, Marketing Director at Panasonic Computer Products Europe (PCPE). “Its sleek good looks will appeal to people in image-conscious markets such as fashion, cosmetics and blue-chip food brands, as well as to executives wanting a robust yet lightweight convertible notebook without compromising on performance. It’s as suited to customer presentations as it is to everyday mobile computing where speed, battery power and data input flexibility are of the essence.”

Practical and easy to clean
The CF-C1 features the Multi-touch capacitive touch screen that can be used with gloves, so it is ideally suited to healthcare workers such as nurses and doctors on visits to patients’ homes. The unit also includes a rubberised, disinfectable hand-free ergonomic strap. The convertible Toughbook CF-C1 has a spill-resistant keyboard; in operation mode it may be dropped from a height of up to 76 cm with no risk of damage. These features offer advantages to market researchers interviewing customers in stores, as well as to health professionals.

Price and availability
The Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 with Multi-touch + Digitizer screen will be available in July 2010 from selected distributors throughout Europe. The Gloved Multi-touch model will follow in September 2010. The product’s recommended retail price is expected to start at € 1.998,-.

Download the Press Release here.