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    The 2-in-1 detachable notebook

Toughbook 33

TOUGHBOOK 33 Detachable

The capabilities of a laptop PC. The mobility of a tablet.

The TOUGHBOOK 33 is a tablet for when you need lightness and easy handling. But typing on handhelds can be notoriously frustrating and slow. Add in a detachable keyboard, and you have the efficiency of laptop, with the flexibility to regularly remove any unnecessary weight and bulk. Its 12-inch screen is larger and brighter than the norm, offering greater readability, while the very latest Windows® operating system delivers enterprise-level security and ultimate productivity.

And, as you’d expect from the rugged world leader, none of this comes at the expense of toughness.

As versatile as your job demands it to be

An incredible 6 different ways to use













Click and go with optional keyboard

A 2-in-1 detachable design means your field workers can take their TOUGHBOOK 33 from the office (in laptop mode) to their vehicle (with a vehicle dock), then straight into the action (as a tablet).

click and go
fully rugged

Fully rugged. Always ready.

Engineered from the ground up to be used on-the-go and in harsh environments, tested to military standards (MILSTD810G) and officially IP65-rated for water and dust resistance. The TOUGHBOOK 33 can also survive drops, knocks, vibrations, extreme temperatures and more. So your team is always ready. No more device failures. No more downtime. No more disturbed work.

A better view

When you’re regularly rotating between indoors and out, night and day, good and bad weather, your screen needs to respond seamlessly.

With a 12” QHD display, the TOUGHBOOK 33 provides clear images in both bright sunlight and dim settings, and although toughened, it’s responsive to finger, glove and pen (even in wet conditions.)

It also has a 3:2 aspect ratio. This taller screen shows more words, spreadsheets, engineering drawings, code and business apps. Less squinting, scrolling and switching – more productivity.

a better view
Take anywhere

Take it anywhere. For as long as you need.

There’s 4G LTE for optimised connectivity and more than a day of battery life (20 hours) with hot-swap options. The TOUGHBOOK 33 is slim, lightweight and easy to carry, and can be easily integrated into vehicles. So, your team can always communicate, access critical info and report in real time when on the move.

An intuitive, multitasking tool

The TOUGHBOOK 33 comes with multiple configuration and customisation options to fit the way you work. From front and rear cameras, a loud stereo speaker for ease of communication over sirens, and enhanced voice recognition while driving, to a dedicated GPS, backlit keyboard and smartcard and fingerprint readers.

complementary accessories

Complementary accessories, vehicle mounts and docks

Rugged and rigorously tested, for maximum convenience and safety out in the field. Built-for-purpose and designed to match the way you work.

Realise the true potential of your devices today. Explore TOUGHBOOK accessories and vehicle mounts here.

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toughbook 33


33 detachable


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Ready to serve

fire man

Fire & Rescue

Integrated RFID readers enable easy and rapid authentication when kitted up on the frontline, without compromising on security. The TOUGHBOOK 33 can also be used as a mobile data terminal (MDT) in the front of cabs, and as a demountable risk information tablet (RIT) in the rear of vehicles.

fork lift


Flexible docking provides a complete and safety-compliant solution that’s easily transferable between vehicles. Use the TOUGHBOOK 33 for inventory management, asset tracking, picking and putting away (with voice-picking capabilities) and goods receiving. Then demount and transform into a desktop PC for warehouse management and daily operations.

”The Panasonic device itself is great and we
are yet to have a single hardware failure”

ICT Technical Manager

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service


Redefining rugged for more than 25 years

Some of the most durable computers in existence

The PC industry’s lowest failure rates, and 7 times more reliable than the industry average.

Heavy hitters in lightweight form

They may be military-grade rugged, but they’re the lightest and most compact of their kind.

Batteries that last

With up to 40-hour operational capabilities, and hot and warm-swap options, they can handle multiple shifts and multiple workers.

Always connected in the field

LAN, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, GPS, and optimised antennas.

Superior screens

Toughened, anti-reflective, glove-enabled multi-touch screens for undisturbed, seamless operation. Indoors and out. Whatever the light. No matter the weather.

One point of contact – a world of service

You’ll be supported from concept to rollout to end-of-use, whether you need customisation, technical advice, management, standard 3-year and 5-year extended warranties, or vehicle integration.

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

Voted the most trusted PC solutions provider in Europe and North America.

Dedicated accessories

Smart card and fingerprint readers, barcode scanners, stylus pens, portable printers, voice accessories, and more.

Value that won’t be beaten

TOUGHBOOK delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in mobile computing. (Check out our TCO calculator here). And an achievable return on investment (ROI) in the first year alone. Learn more in our short whitepaper here.

Support that goes beyond the hardware

Our Panasonic ProServices team support customers from concept to deployment to end-of-use and beyond. And our 3-year standard and 5-year extended warranties offer longer support than anything else on the market, with some of the fastest device repair and replacement times.


Customisation: branding, app development, and more

device monitoring

Device monitoring and management

optimised security

Optimised security


Comprehensive and extended warranties


Vehicle integration

third party

Certified third-party software


Software development

user training

User training and technical advice

world leading microsoft security

World-leading Microsoft security

Windows® protection and productivity

Our TOUGHBOOK Windows devices easily integrate with your existing infrastructure. Installed with the latest secured-core Windows technology, including fingerprint readers, face recognition software and optimised BIOS firmware.

Not only can you look forward to enhanced efficiency, but device, identity and data protection at all levels – hardware, firmware and software – across your entire fleet, too.

Rugged and ready

33 tablet


33 detachable


Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our Panasonic experts will be more than happy to help.